Groundwater Desalination Systems

Closed System Desalination (CSD) is based on a patented system specifically for desalination of brackish and saline groundwater, using Reverse Osmosis (RO). RO typically cannot be used for desalination of source water which contains dissolved iron, manganese, and organic substances (always found in anoxic groundwater). The closed system RO described in the patent avoids oxidation of these dissolved substances which form precipitates of much less soluble substances when exposed to air. The latter suspended solids foul semi-permeable RO membranes used in the desalination process, making these much less efficient. The CSD also has methods for cleaning of membranes during the treatment process, and for reinjection of waste fluids from the process which then become diluted and dispersed within salty groundwater system.

  • CSD Principle – Like a tree, we simply extract freshwater from brackish and saline groundwater, leaving salts (residual brines) behind
  • The whole, patented desalination process, delivery and residual brine disposal take place under ambient groundwater conditions giving more efficient treatment, delivery of high-quality water and brine disposal
  • CSD is simply powered by a single pump, giving significant cost benefits
  • up to 120,000 Litres per day of high-quality water (permeate) is produced for each CSD unit, scalable for higher volumes using additional units/ boreholes at the same overall cost/KL of water produced
  • disposal of residual fluids is integrated into the subsurface process, which is designed to give minor, acceptable environmental impact. We use no chemicals during the CSD process so returned brines are the same overall composition as groundwater, just 40-50% more saline
  • Each system can be monitored and controlled remotely under a maintenance contract, freeing up clients to concentrate on their main businesses