Off Grid Power

Stand-alone energy systems for remote locations and off the grid applications.

In this current era, we all want for a reliable electricity supply. An efficient grid is not always as available and poor infrastructure is often the cause for an unreliable grid. Rural areas and remote locations can often result in no grid at all (no connection to the public network).
An independent off grid power system is the answer.

If you live in an area where mains electricity isn’t available or thinking about investing in an off grid power system, our team have the skills to point you in the right direction and ensure you achieve maximum return from your investment.

We provide containerised, stand-alone systems that are manufactured, assembled and tested at our workshop in Perth before being shipped to the required site. We offer full turnkey solutions for all types of environments including homes, farms, schools, business premises, workshops, RVs/Caravans and Camping.

Utilising Solar, battery bank, a back-up generator and a monitoring/control system, to generate power for any purpose and energy requirements, from running a few lights to industrial applications.
We’re proud to provide options to give people independence, high quality uninterruptible energy anytime, anywhere and to reduce energy costs.