Quad Lattice Mast System

The Mobile Quad Lattice Mast is an Innovation to the industry standard, designed to minimise maintenance and make it easier to deploy and stow with less pinch points.

Mast sections are fabricated into an aluminium 4 post lattice style, dimensions 300mm x 300mm. The 2 sections are locked together on all 4 posts with a coupling style tapered pin system.

The mast provides more flexibility, is modular and the system is scalable with ease. They are engineered with exceptional strength to allow for more weight on the mast and to except more wind load and most importantly it allows for easy cable management.
The simplistic design of the lattice mast allows you to secure the cabling from the inside of the mast as a permanent fixture.

Mast system is rigid and stable but very lightweight, only weighing in at approximately 40kgs.
The mast system has multi point attachments and is deployed to its vertical position by means of a brake winch, supported by 3.8T 316 Stainless Steel cable, into its fixed locked position. In the stow position, the base is a 5m long section and the hinged section which unfolds around to 1 side at 180°, increases the height of the mast to 8m’s.

One large advantage to the system design allows the mast to be retrofitted onto almost anything and suit a range of different applications such as surveillance, time-lapse photography, mobile lighting, disaster relief, surveying/mapping and temporary communications.

The standard mast height is 8m’s with the ability to extend higher in the future if required depending on additional windshear and headload.